William Malcolm

V4 Automakers Seek Regulatory Relief

The automakers of the Visegrad Four countries are calling on the EU to postpone new regulatory requirements. These include the Euro 6 / IV emission standard, vehicle type-approval regulations, and CO2 limits. The automakers are seeking relief due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the industry. The presidents of the Association of the Automotive Industry of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary signed the appeal to lawmakers.

In addition to the gradual liberalization of markets, according to companies, it is necessary to provide financial assistance through EU funds and national budgets to revive the economy.

The auto industry accounts for seven percent of the European Union’s GDP and employs directly and indirectly 13.8 million people. The coronavirus pandemic consequences are dramatic, with significant reductions in plant operations affecting up to 1.1 million employees in Europe. Due to the cessation or reduction of production, output fell by 2.3 million vehicles or 15 percent of the yearly volume.

In the V4 countries, companies in the automotive industry directly employ 650,000 people. Central European countries account for almost twenty percent of total vehicle production in the EU.