Zeman and Drahos to Face Off in Two Televised Debates

Prague, Jan 14 (CTK) – The public Czech Television (CT) plans to broadcast a live presidential duel between Milos Zeman and Jiri Drahos on January 25, one day before the runoff, and the Prima TV is preparing another duel of the two rivals.


Zeman refused to take part in any debate with the other eight presidential candidates before the first round held this weekend, but he said on Saturday he accepted Drahos’s call to meet face to face.


Zeman said one of his two debates might be broadcast by Prima. He also said he considers CT biased.


Zeman has been criticising the public broadcaster for a long time.


Drahos said if two duels are to be held, one should be in CT and the other one according to the wishes of Zeman’s team.


CT spokeswoman Karolina Blinkova said CT invited Drahos and Zeman to a TV duel immediately after the end of the first round.


Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek did not say whether Zeman refuses to take part in a duel broadcast by CT.


Adam Halmosi, from Prima TV, told CTK that negotiations with the teams of both presidential candidates are underway. The time and place of the planned duel would be announced as soon as possible, he said.