Zeman Content with his Christmas Propaganda Speech – Passes on Further Broadcast Time

Prague, Dec 28 (CTK) – Czech presidential candidates are trying to gain voter support by their video clips with shots from their lives and famous personalities expressing support for them that they post on social networks and their websites, while the public media will broadcast them as of Tuesday.


Under the law on presidential election, the Czech Television (CT) and Czech Radio (CRo) must provide five hours of their broadcasting time for each of the registered presidential candidates before the first round of the election to be held on January 12-13, 2018, and another hour before the possible second round to be held two weeks later.


Only the incumber President Milos Zeman will not use this opportunity, his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said.


“The clip has not been delivered since this would be a personal pre-election campaign,” Ovcacek said.


Zeman has repeatedly assured voters that he will not lead any campaign.


However, a video entitled “The Life Story of Milos Zeman” with photos from his life is available on his website.


CT will broadcast the candidates’ one-minute and 30-second pre-election spots on CT1 and CT2 channels from January 2 until January 10, while one-minute spots will also appear on CRo (Radiozurnal, Dvojka and Vltava stations) until January 9.


Some of the candidates have presented their election spots.


Former Science Academy chairman Jiri Drahos has prepared two spots. They present shots from his meetings with voters and journalists and his public performances. He says she can lean on his conscience and his vision of society where decency, diligence and culture prevail.


Drahos has posted several video recordings in which various famous personalities express support for him.


Another of the election favourites, businessman and lyricist Michal Horacek, answers the question why people should vote for him in his election spot. He says because he is not on friendly terms with either politicians or businesspeople. His clip, comprised of photos from his meetings with voters, ends with his promise to “always fight for decent people.”


Besides, Horacek’s website offers video recording with “the stories of unknown fighters,” for instance, disabled athlete Tereza Diepoldova.


Physician and activist Marek Hilser has released clips on his election website as well, including shots from his work in hospital and at university and from meetings with citizens as well as his family and friends.


Former Civic Democrat (ODS) chairman and ex-PM Mirek Topolanek released today a clip entitled “A Boy Who Has Found His President” in which he and a little boy are telling people in a sign language that “he goes into it with the reason, heart, willingness and with a smile.” “We will manage it jointly,” he adds.


Topolanek has also posted a number of short clips on his website in which he comments on election topics or in ins which respected people support him, such as ice-hockey player Jiri Hrdina and former health minister Daniela Filipiova.


Defence and Security Industry Association President Jiri Hynek is supported by his wife in the election spot. She speaks about his virtues, good features of character and successes. It is accompanied by shots from his meetings with voters and from his home.


Former ambassador to France Pavel Fischer has released some video clips on his website in which renowned personalities support him, including opera singer Dagmar Peckova and pop singer David Koller. Fischer is also shooting his own videos in which eh expresses his views.


Musician and producer Petr Hannig, head of the marginal Reasonable party, has not prepared any election spot on his web page yet.