Zeman Kowtows To Beijing

At Monday’s meeting, the President’s Chancellor Vratislav Mynář assured the Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic that President Miloš Zeman would not invite the head of the Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, to a meeting of the government officials.

The president announced this on Prima television on Sunday, saying that Vystrčil did not respect the president, prime minister, and foreign minister’s advice not to travel to Taiwan.

According to Deník N Mynář, he assured Ambassador Chang Jianmin that the Czech approach to the country’s one China policy had not changed.

“I can confirm the meeting and the announcement of the confirmation that the Czech Republic, like other EU member states, recognizes the one China policy,” he told the Ovčáček server. “Information was provided on a new format for the deliberations of constitutional officials,” he added.

The president called the Senate delegation mission a “boy provocation.” Pushing, on the other hand, accused Zeman in his criticism of the journey of multiple lies. He respects the president’s decision but refused to offend other constitutional officials by visiting the island. According to ODS chairman Petr Fiala, it will only be a meeting of the president’s friends. On the contrary, the chairman of the KSČM, Vojtěch Filip, thinks that the president is doing the right thing.

He pushed out last week at the end of the trip and told reporters that he considered the mission a success. According to him, the island country is willing to engage more economically in Europe through the Czech Republic, and the Czech Republic should take advantage of this. The trip was criticized by China, which considers Taiwan to be its rebel province. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I have threatened to chair the Czech upper house that he will pay a high price for the mission. Czech diplomacy and European officials opposed the statement.

The Senate delegation to Taiwan was accompanied by representatives of 36 Czech companies, which focus primarily on modern and advanced technologies. The Czechia and Taiwan could cooperate, for example, in cybersecurity and the fight against coronavirus. The establishment of a direct airline between Prague and Taipei is also at stake. Taiwanese banks and the Taiwanese Association of Electronics Manufacturers are also considering operating in the Czech Republic.