Putin Night Wolves


Social Democrats Sacrifice Foldyna After Clash With Putin’s Night Wolves

CSSD, Jan Hamacek, Miloš Zeman, Russian Influence

Prague, May 11 (CTK) – Social Democrat (CSSD) deputy chairman Jaroslav Foldyna should not be in the party leadership, Senate chairman Milan Stech (CSSD) told CTK today, warning of Foldyna having a row with the protesters against the Russian nationalist Night Wolves motorcycle club in Prague.


At a CSSD board meeting later today, however, Foldyna did not apologise for his conflict with the protesters. He only told CSSD chairman Jan Hamacek that he is sorry that the incident has brought him under pressure, he told reporters afterwards.


He said, nevertheless, he has nothing to apologise for, let alone to the demonstrators involved in the brawl.


Foldyna said no proposal for his dismissal from the CSSD leadership was made at the board meeting.


The Night Wolves have a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who visits their events.


The club’s head, Alexandr Zaldostanov, is blacklisted by the USA and the EU over his support for the Russian annexation of Crimea.


The Night Wolves stage rides across Europe on the anniversary of Victory each year. Foldyna is one of their fans.


The Night Wolves came to Prague to pay respect to the Red Army war dead. They were expected by over 150 fans and tens of opponents. There were sharp verbal exchanges between them.


Foldyna, who welcomed the Night Wolves in the past, too, had a row with one of the protesters and pushed into him.


After the incident, Hamacek asked Foldyna to apologise, which he has refused to do.


“I believe that this is absolutely unacceptable and the fellow members of the party board should adopt a clear stance on this,” Stech said.


“This should not repeat. I did not nominate Foldyna for the post of deputy chairman. I think that with his act, he proved that such a man has no place in the leadership of such a democratic party as the Social Democrats are, with such a tradition,” Stech said.


The Social Democracy is the oldest party in the Czech Republic.


“I do not intend to speak about Stech at all. I would not like to offend him,” Foldyna then said.


He said he could not see any reason of why he should apologise for the incident, as demanded by Hamacek.


“Everyone looking at incident can see that I have no reason to apologise for anything or to anyone. I am no professional trouble-maker and demonstrator,” Foldyna said.