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Petr Dubinsky

Jan Hamacek Andrej Babis

Hamacek: Zero Progress Made In Talks Over Culture Minister

The stalemate over the nominee for Culture Minister continues as both parties refuse to make any concessions in the negotiations. President Milos Zeman and Prime Minister Andrej Babis both contend the Social Democrats nominee Michal Smarda is not qualified for the position and must be replaced by a new candidate. Social Democrat chairman Jan Hamacek ...

Matt Atlas

Andrej Babis and Milos Zeman

Babis Changes His Mind, Says CSSD Nominee ‘Not A Good Candidate’

Prime Minister Andrej Babis has sided with President Milos Zeman and come out against the nomination of Michal Smarda for Culture Minister. According to Babis, Smarda is not qualified to hold the office.   “I hold the same opinion as Zeman that Mr. Smarda is not a good candidate. Especially after his countless media appearances,” ...

Matt Atlas

MIlos Zeman Jan Hamacek Andrej Babis

Ruling Coalition Threatened By Row Over Culture Minister

Following a brief period of calm, the government is in danger of collapse again. Social Democrats are debating how to respond to President Zeman’s refusal to appoint Culture Minister nominee Michal Smarda.   In an interview with Denik N, Michal Smarda CSSD’s nominee for Culture Minister said that “President Milos Zeman’s decision did not surprise ...

Petr Dubinsky

Andrej Babis Jan Hamacek

Hamacek: 2020 Draft Budget Unrealistic

The leader of the junior coalition party in government, Jan Hamáček of the Social Democrats has written an open letter to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš of ANO regarding the proposed draft budget for 2020 over which the two parties are at odds.   Mr. Hamáček wrote that the draft proposal was “unrealistic” and his party’s ...

Social Democrats Ultimatum To Babis Lacks Deadline

The Social Democrats’ party leadership on Monday set a final condition for remaining in the minority government of Andrej Babiš – that his ally President Miloš Zeman appoints their nominee for culture minister. But while urging the prime minister to use his constitutional power to ensure the appointment, the party’s ultimatum did not include a ...

Matt Atlas

CSSD Gives Hamacek Mandate To Exit Government

The Social Democrat leadership agreed on Monday to support party chairman Jan Hamáček’s mandate to negotiate whether to remain in the minority government of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO). They also confirmed their choice for culture minister.   Some Social Democrats have been calling to exit the government due to a long-running dispute over replacing ...

Petr Dubinsky

Zeman To Accept Minister Stanek’s Resignation

Social Democrats chairman Jan Hamáček says that President Miloš Zeman communicated that he is ready to accept the resignation of Culture Minister Antonín Staněk by July 31 and will await the result of the Social Democrat leadership meeting on Monday in regard to who Mr. Staněk’s successor will be. The statement was made after a ...

Matt Atlas

Zeman Meeting With Hamacek And Stanek At Lány Residence

President Miloš Zeman is meeting Social Democrats chairman Jan Hamáček and the party’s minister of culture, Antonín Staněk, at his Lány residence over a dispute that could bring down the government. Mr. Hamáček says his party could walk out of the ruling coalition unless the president complies with his party’s request to remove Mr. Staněk ...