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CITIC Acquires CEFC’s Assets For Kc11.5 Billion

Prague, May 25 (CTK) – Czech-Slovak group J&T has received the Kc11.5bn it was owed by CEFC from China’s state-run CITIC Group, and it will start releasing CEFC’s pledges, J&T confirmed the information officially today after 14:00.   J&T and CITIC agreed on strategic cooperation and CITIC’s taking over CEFC’s debt to J&T, with Rainbow ...


andrej babis

Poll: 94% Say Politicians Accused Of Crimes Must Resign

Prague, May 25 (CTK) – Nine in ten Czechs believe that a politician should step down if accused or found guilty of a crime, while less than one fourth believe that adultery is a reason for a politician to resign, according to a CVVM public opinion poll results released today.   People view a proved ...


Milos Zeman

Court Rules State Can Be Sued For Zeman’s Transgressions

Brno, May 24 (CTK) – The state can be sued if the president causes harm within the execution of his office, the Czech Supreme Court (NS) has said in the justification of its verdict in the dispute about President Milos Zeman’s abusive words on the late journalist Ferdinand Peroutka.   The NS returned the case ...


Three Trade Ministry Officials Charged In Kc4.5 Billion Fraud Case

Prague, May 24 (CTK) – The High State Attorney’s Office charged three Industry and Trade Ministry officials with causing 4.5-billion-crown damage due to an agreement between the ministry and the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and development Bank (CMZRB), state attorney Ondrej Trcka told CTK today.   The agreement dealt with the creation of a guarantee fund within ...


Communists Overrule Planned Debate On Zeman’s Novichok Lies

Prague, May 22 (CTK) – The Czech Chamber of Deputies will not discuss the case of Novichok’s presence in the country at the current plenary session in reaction to President Milos Zeman’s words, since the issue has been withdrawn from the session agenda at the initiative of the Communists (KSCM).   In the vote on ...


Andrej Babis

Babis’s Cabinet Falls Apart: ANO Ministers Dropping Like Flies

Prague, May 18 (CTK) – Andrej Babis’s ANO minority cabinet, which has always presented itself as firmly united, seems to be crumbling now and only a few of its “very hard-working” members will join the new coalition cabinet ANO wants to form with the Social Democrats (CSSD), Josef Koukal writes in Pravo today.   He ...


Milos Zeman

MP’s Demand Zeman Stop Slandering Prague In Media

Prague, May 17 (CTK) – President Milos Zeman should not use statements that harm the good name of the Czech Republic, the Civic Democrat (ODS) senators said in a resolution they presented to media today.   The resolution is another step within the criticism Zeman has faced in the upper house over his controversial statements, ...

Matt Atlas

Slovak Police Investigating Kuciak Murder Seize Journalists Phone

Bratislava/Prague, May 16 (CTK) – Slovak detectives were questioning Czech investigative journalist Pavla Holcova, who cooperated with murdered Slovak reporter Jan Kuciak in an article about Italian mafia in Slovakia, on Tuesday and seized her mobile phone, Slovak daily Sme wrote today.   The phone also contained data on other sensitive cases that were not ...


Czech Defence Minister Karla Slechtova

Defence Minister Slams Babis For Directing Media Attacks

Prague, May 16 (CTK) – Czech Defence Minister Karla Slechtova would like to continue in the government, but not at any cost, she told reporters in reaction to the criticism of her work in the post.   She called it a manhunt and a campaign of the daily from the trust fund of PM and ...